DMC Passes Wonderware Historian & InTouch Exams

DMC Passes Wonderware Historian & InTouch Exams

DMC is proud to announce that Jody Koplo and Ken Brey have each passed Wonderware certifications exams. Jody successfully passed the InTouch 10.0 Exam and Ken Brey passed the InSQL Historian Exam.

Prior to taking the test, Ken had completed several key projects using the Wonderware historian product. His experience paid off as he was easily able to pass the challenging exam on his first try.

Jody recently completed a project that integrated a Wonderware InTouch HMI system with over 30 Allen Bradley PLCs to monitor and provide control for an entire manufacturing facility. Using this experience, he took and passed the InTouch certification exam. He is now a Wonderware Certified InTouch Integrator.

InTouch is an advanced HMI/SCADA product offered by Wonderware that allows large, complex systems to be controlled and monitored. It is easily scalable and can be remotely managed on multiple thin clients distributed throughout a factory. Find out more information about HMI and SCADA solutions.

Learn more about DMC's HMI and SCADA expertise.


Vikram Kolluru
# Vikram Kolluru
I am a systems integrator. I wish to take the wonderware InTouch Exams.
What do I need to know about the exam?
What will I be tested on?
What is the exam format?
Where can I take the exam?

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