View DMC's 2014 Siemens Automation Summit Presentations

View DMC's 2014 Siemens Automation Summit Presentations

DMC attended the annual Siemens Automation Summit last month, held June 23 - 26, 2014. We enjoyed four days of learning and networking with new friends at Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort in Orlando, FL.

The week kicked off with Monday night's popular Connect Event. This casual cocktail event allowed attendees to build their network using a mobile friendly app or website developed by DMC and Prism Systems to connect and share contact information. Attendees also got a preview of the cool Anki DRIVE racetracks that would be at the Siemens Solution Partner booth for the rest of the event. Attendees could choose to race their friends using conventional iPads or Siemens Mobile Panels developed by DMC to control the the bluetooth racetrack.

The rest of the week involved unique presentations, training classes, technology demonstrations and finished off with a keynote by Eric Alexander and an after party at the Expedition Everest theme park!

DMC led four presentations throughout the week. Due to the great response, we've made the presentation slideshows available. Feel free to contact DMC with any questions regarding this content.

Getting the Most Out of WinCC OA - Kristie Shea
Explore some of the unique benefits of Siemens Open Architecture SCADA platform and learn about specific projects where these object oriented tools were used to meet demanding requirements without changing a single line of PLC code. Based on a project's requirements, learn how to best choose between the three different Siemens SCADA offerings: WinCC OA, WinCC V7 or WinCC TIA Professional.

Best Practices for Selecting and Working with a Solution Partner - Tim Jager 
Get an insider's view on how to best work with solution partners to maximize your return on investment. Learn when to use an integrator and how to choose the right integrator. 

Utilizing Siemens Best Practices When Leveraging Existing Rockwell Code - John Sullivan
Are you in the process of switching to Siemens hardware from Rockwell but already have a working Rockwell program? Some people try to copy it over directly and miss out on the great opportunity that Siemens provides to make your code more flexible and reliable.

Extending S7 PLC Capabilities by Leveraging the Unique Strengths of the WinAC Platform 
- Alex Krejcie

Automation applications often have specific hardware and software requirements that pose integration challenges for system designers. The WinAC RTX platform is commonly used to provide deterministic real-time algorithm processing in a PC environment. See how DMC has been able to reduce application costs through hardware simplification and quicker development time by leveraging the unique capabilities of the WinAC platform.


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