Simplifying UI and UX Design with Color Cheat Sheet

Simplifying UI and UX Design with Color Cheat Sheet

A while back I took a poll of the engineers here at DMC, and one of the main concerns the engineers had was that when designing a user interface they did not know what colors to choose. As a User Interface Designer I understand that there can be a bit of decision paralysis when it comes to designing in color since there are an infinite amount of colors! I knew there had to be a way to help engineers view colors as a simple choice.

I took a stroll around Google Images for color charts showing the RGB and Hex number values in them. To my surprise, there were not that many. The ones that existed were at low image quality and difficult to read. So I decided to design my own!

I created the attached chart for the DMC Team, and the feedback was very positive. Most engineers here find it very useful to know the exact colors and their code number in a handy cheat sheet at their desk. Plus, I included go-to color palettes to follow if you want a collection of 4-5 colors that go well together when designing.

Feel free to download this attached color chart PDF to utilize for your user interfaces, and keep designing! :D

Click here to download.


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Great post on UI and UX design with colors. Claps for your efforts, you have written great blog.

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