DMC to Present at the Siemens 2016 Automation Summit

DMC to Present at the Siemens 2016 Automation Summit

The Siemens Automation Summit is one of our favorite events every year for sharing best practices and industry innovations. The 2016 Siemens Automation Summit will be held from June 27-30 at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a great opportunity for attendees to take advantage of networking and training sessions focused on improving performance and efficiency with Siemens automation.
DMC is proud to be among the many presenters at this year's summit. If you're attending, we'd love to see you at our sessions.

Safety in a Snap: Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Facility Safe - James Condon
Tuesday, June 28 2:00-2:45 pm

Siemens has implemented safety PLCs for years, and now with TIA Portal executing a safe solution has become even easier. With an S7-1500 or S7-1200 safety PLC, safe remote I/O, and safe drives, it is possible to quickly implement a safe solution within TIA Portal. This reduces the cost and clutter of running wire throughout your facility to and from hard-wired contactors that are often used as a safety solution. Using a safety PLC also gives better status and quicker diagnostics of safety in your facility.

We will look at how to create a safety program from scratch to safely control a drive and several outputs in conjunction with a guard switch and an emergency stop. We will also discuss some basic safety program troubleshooting, creating safety zones within a facility, and some common mistakes that occur when creating a safety program for a Siemens PLC.

Developing PLC and HMI Code Faster Through Use of the Siemens Open Library - John Sullivan
Tuesday, June 28, 3:00-3:45 pm

The Siemens platforms have always encouraged the use of modular, reusable, and object-oriented code. Until recently, this meant that everyone was responsible for creating and maintaining their own internal library for any reusable code. This session will discuss some of the reusable open source code that is available to help make your code development faster and easier. The available library includes tested and verified PLC function blocks, data types, and HMI objects for the control of many common industrial objects (drives, valves, analog, etc.). These PLC function blocks are paired with HMI faceplates and connected with a single tag to provide easy configuration and speed up HMI development. In this presentation we will discuss how to obtain, use, and contribute to the library.

Siemens Automation Summit 2015

Tips and Tricks for Motion with S7-1500 CPU - David Sestrich
Tuesday, June 28, 4:00-4:45 pm

Siemens S7-1500 PLCs are now equipped with several powerful motion control options that can be leveraged for simple solutions. These functions enable coordinated motion between several axes using Siemens G120 and S120 drives. Users also benefit from recent updates to the TIA Portal that added new motion features.

This presentation will highlight several of the most used features STEP 7 Easy Motion Control has to offer, and offer tips and tricks to get the most out of your system. We’ll discuss when and why to use S7-1500 Easy Motion instead of Simotion, and how to select the appropriate hardware for an application. We’ll cover the latest features released for technology blocks and motion tasks. The presentation will highlight common setup tasks and important settings for a successful integration. Finally, attendees will learn novel approaches to work with the minor limitations of Easy Motion, including example code and test data.

User Communities – Coming to a City Near You - Frank Riordan
Wednesday, June 29, 1:45-2:30 pm

Learn how Siemens Automation and Drives users are coming together to learn from each other and network. The community meetings occur with Siemens experts and are typically centered around a specific topic that is selected by users. This activity is happening all around the country and can come to your City today!

Come learn about how this revolutionary event is driven by end users who use Siemens products on a daily basis. This community is for any user of Siemens who wants to network with other users, ask questions of experts and get an opportunity to learn about specific technologies that Siemens offers in the marketplace. We will talk about the event, planning, materials and logistics related to this type of user event. We will also discuss how we can execute such an event in your city. The community is user led and user driven, since there is a focus on Siemens products, there will be Siemens representation from the major Automation and Drives segments at these meetings. The ChUG (Chicagoland User Group) chapter of the community is just the first example of this exciting opportunity for users to share in this peer-to-peer learning opportunity.

Siemens Automation Summit 2015

Using the 1200F and TIA Portal for Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Generation - Jason Mayes with Adam Belair & Mike Spaner of Proton OnSite
Wednesday, June 29, 2:45-3:30 pm

Proton OnSite is a global leader in hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. In addition to nitrogen and zero air generation systems, Proton OnSite designs and manufactures both custom and commercial hydrogen generation systems for laboratory, industrial, and emerging market applications. Recently, Proton OnSite made the decision to replace the custom PCB-based control system in our existing H-Series hydrogen generator with an S7-1200F and Comfort Panel solution. This decision has provided Proton OnSite with multiple benefits including increased performance, a modernized UI, and improved reliability all in an off-the-shelf hardware solution with globally available parts and support.

In this presentation, Proton OnSite and DMC, Inc., will focus on the motivations for the project as well as the technical advantages provided using TIA Portal and the 1200F, including the development of an internal software library that has been re-used for multiple other projects (including custom PID controllers with advanced gain scheduling and automatic, bumpless transfer capabilities, HMI themes, faceplates, icon libraries, and custom datalogging scripts), the elimination of a secondary safety controller with the safety integrated S7-1200F, simple Modbus integration and more.


Learn more about DMC's partnership with Siemens. 


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