Siemens Open Library Marks 1000th Download

Siemens Open Library Marks 1000th Download

The Siemens Open Library marked its 1000th download this week. The free, open source function block library was launched in June 2016 through a partnership between DMC and Siemens. The library aims to be a resource for consistency, usability, and faster development for the Siemens community.

The library has continued to evolve since its initial release. Updates have included the inclusion of all of DMC’s library, which included a large number of Function Blocks and Function calls. Additionally, through the help of some users, bug fixes have also been implemented, and features added to make it easier to use.

You may have read about the library in the Siemens newsletter, where it was featured in their October 2016 issue. Here at DMC, we’ve used the Siemens Open Library on nearly every project since it was released.

What's Next?

We’re currently working on the Siemens Open Library Version 1.4 release. This version will include resizable pop-ups, Motor Control Center Library blocks, and support for Portal V14.


Users are welcome to contribute and make changes to the Siemens Open Library. If you want to share customizations and suggestions, please email

Learn more about DMC's partnership with Siemens.


Nicolò Nicolò
# Nicolò Nicolò
Finally good code reuse.

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