NIWeek 2019 Highlights

NIWeek 2019 Highlights

Last month, several members of DMC’s Test and Measurement team joined 3,200 engineers, educators, and NI developers in Austin for NIWeek. The three-day conference brought together engineers from around the world to share information on the test, measurement, and control industry. With over 200 technical training sessions and 100 expo exhibits, there was plenty for the team to learn and share at NIWeek!

Americas Partner of the Year Nomination

DMC was honored to be selected as a finalist for the Americas Partner of the Year award. This award honors Alliance Partner companies that exhibit the highest level of excellence. The nomination identifies DMC as one of the top four Alliance Partner finalists in our region and recognizes our commitment to our National Instruments partnership.

NIWeek 2019

DMC Presentations

We were excited to lead three presentations at NIWeek this year. Follow the links below to view our sessions.

DMC presents at NIWeek 2019
Senior Project Engineer Ashley Enderlin presents at NIWeek

DMC presenting at NIWeek 2019
Project Engineer Steven Dusing presents at NIWeek

New SystemLink Features

Several presentations, including one by DMC, highlighted exciting new features in SystemLink. We were especially excited to learn about updates to asset management. New functionality allows users to determine the type and location of hardware, how long things have been running, and how to plan better. It also offers calibration information for maintenance planning.

The updated test module offers custom test monitoring dashboards and more readily visible testing insights at a server level.

New integration with Data Finder uses this tool as a built-in plug-in while SystemLink centralizes all data collection. DataFinder indexes data files and then helps users easily find relevant information by providing full-text and parametric search options. Because SystemLink takes care of aggregating data from multiple data sources, the full power of the data mining tool is unleashed for any users with a computer or phone that have access to the intranet.

SystemLink Test Monitor Dashboard
Test monitor dashboard (source: National Instruments)

Technology Updates

We were excited to hear about the following technology updates announced at NIWeek.

Maps and Sets in LV2019
This is a cool feature offering two new data types to help organize and manipulate data collections. DMC has had our own versions of these for a while, but it’s great that NI now has native support for them!

Write a VI and NI converts it into HTML/CSS. Then you can host it somewhere and anyone can log in and check out what’s going on. So, for any existing applications, you can add a little code to write to tags and have a web-based UI built using LabVIEW NXG’s Web Module. 

It works using Skyline tags, which can get set even in existing LabVIEW applications! Skyline tags are part of the Skyline Data Services, which is a new NI framework for data transfer. It’s currently the messaging backbone of the SystemLink and InsightCM platforms.

Gcomponents and GLLs
Coming soon in LabVIEW NXG, which will revolutionize the way we create code modules, share, and build code. It’s still a beta feature at this point.

Star Wars meets National Instruments

NIWeek 2019

What NIWeek Means for DMC

Beyond the innovative presentations, DMC employees had very productive meetings with NI team members, identifying alignment between DMC technical capabilities and NI go-to-market strategies. Talking with NI engineers -- the people best equipped to answer in-depth questions related to new features and products – was helpful to our team while getting to know updated technologies and learning best practices to apply here at DMC.

DMC team at NIWeek 2019

We are excited about how the technology updates we witnessed will help us with upcoming projects. Thanks to everyone who made NIWeek 2019 a fun and valuable week!

Learn more about DMC's partnership with National Instruments


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