Chicago LabVIEW User Group Meeting at DMC

Chicago LabVIEW User Group Meeting at DMC

The Chicago LabVIEW Users Group (CLUG) met at DMCs Chicago office to discuss National Instruments Week 2019, and package management systems from NI and JKI. These user groups meet regularly across the country to address various LabVIEW programming techniques, technologies, application design patterns, and much more. 

This meeting began with Pizza and networking between DMCers and LabVIEW users from the Chicagoland area.

We kicked off the user group meeting by highlighting some of the most exciting features that were released at NI week this year.

NI Week 2019 Overview

DMC Presentations on LabVIEW Programming

Systems Engineer Ryan Yu presented an overview of NI Package Manager, with content initially developed by National Instruments and presented by Allen Hsu.  Yu showed LabVIEW users the workflow for installing, upgrading, and managing NI software.  He then highlighted the workflow of both NI Package Manager and SystemLink, when used in conjunction with LabVIEW. Users exchanged ideas with Yu and asked questions on use cases, versioning, and SystemLink feeds.

NI Package Manager

Systems Engineer Kyle Mitchell demonstrated JKI’s VI Package Manager, a reasonably popular tool among the user group. Mitchell gave a walkthrough on how to build and deploy packages within LabVIEW, and users shared their experiences and tips about VIPM.

VI package manager

Sharing LabVIEW Stories

This section of the meeting is devoted to short topics (max of 10 minutes) talking about a neat project, cool tool, or challenging problem users need help solving. 

Users shared stories about creating a custom VI to update UI elements through property nodes more effectively, warned about big arrays affecting the search feature, and one user shared a story about how to do LabVIEW translations effectively.

There was also a shoutout to the LabVIEW wiki that the community is currently constructing.

Thanks to our friends in the LabVIEW user group who made it to the event!

Learn more about DMC's partnership with National Instruments.


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