The Guide to Life at DMC St. Louis

The Guide to Life at DMC St. Louis

The St. Louis area itself is, in my opinion, a diamond in the rough. While it may not top the list of most exciting cities in the US, St. Louis is affordable, culturally rich, and a commercial gateway to the West.

For me, DMC St. Louis is a great place to broaden my knowledge and explore the unknown. Every day is different, and each engineer consistently has the opportunity to juggle two or three projects at a time. We are a small team and still growing. Continuous collaboration, on everything from industrial network configuration to home maintenance strategies, is how we continue our expansion westward and beyond.

Our St. Louis Office

Our office is located in the Richmond Heights neighborhood of St. Louis County, just off of the Richmond Heights Metrolink blue line train station. DMC St. Louis is just a short drive from Forest Park, known as the heart of St. Louis. Forest Park is larger than Central Park in New York and contains several of the area’s major institutions including the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Science Center, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, and the Muny amphitheater.

The city is easy to access from our office, and we take advantage of this by checking out the sports teams St. Louis has to offer. St. Louis punches above its weight on both the hockey rink and the baseball diamond, routinely out-competing the teams in broader markets like Chicago, Denver, Boston, Houston, Dallas, and New York, to name a few.

Our Team

The office is still relatively young, but we have no shortage of burgeoning traditions. For example, each Christmas, the office rallies around Patrick for his yearly “Nog toast.” Every day, we have “Popsicle-o-clock,” which is as it sounds: we eat popsicles together at 3:30 (it’s not mandatory, just a fun way to take a break!)

Our most important practice in the St. Louis office is the study of the perfect sandwich. We take our sandwiches very seriously, seizing every possible opportunity to indulge, explore, evaluate, and review the metro area’s various sandwich offerings. Our favorites are The Gramophone, Gioia's Deli, Firehouse SubsSushi Burrito, and Joe Fassi's. 

While we all enjoy a good sandwich, DMC St. Louis’s real “bread and butter” is Manufacturing and Automation, and we are growing in DMC’s other service areas. Currently, we service clients in industries ranging from automotive to apparel manufacturing.

The DMC St. Louis team is just as unique as St. Louis itself. From Patrick’s Christmas light escapades to Caleb’s fascination with mechanical keyboards, the engineers in St. Louis are genuinely an eclectic group. Andrew’s unparalleled efficiency with fruit consumption, my unnecessary knowledge of Excel functionality, Adam's love of all things pun-ny, and Chase’s magnificent beard provide spice to what could be an otherwise bland workplace. We like to gather in the big kitchen and join forces to find the best solutions in sometimes unconventional ways.

To learn more about our office and what we have done in the past, check out our other blogs here.


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