All DMC Offices are Ignition Certified

All DMC Offices are Ignition Certified

One of DMC’s core values is to hire smart people. One way DMC’s engineers embody this value is by completing different certifications that extend their expertise and confirm their commitment to our clients.

Inductive Automation, one of DMC’s partners, offers certification programs to help provide companies with the skills and confidence to complete complex projects. DMC is proud to announce that currently all eight of our offices are certified Ignition Integrators.

Benefits of Working with an Ignition Certified Integrator

Being Ignition Certified demonstrates DMC’s continued commitment to providing quality Ignition expertise. This certification verifies our engineers' extensive technical capabilities, exceptional quality of work, and the ability to complete complex projects. We can provide advanced solutions across industries in SCADA architecture that uses best practices to create reusable and robust code. This decreases development costs and makes it easier to scale Ignition over time.

Find out more about DMC’s partnership with Ignition and contact us with any project inquiries.


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