DMC's Undercover Gift Giving

DMC's Undercover Gift Giving

Have I mentioned how wonderful my coworkers are?! The answer is yes. All of my blogs are about how great DMC employees are. But don't worry, I'll continue to explain why they're all amazing.

A little over a month into working from home, Phil Schaffer and Elizabeth Goodnight of DMC Seattle and Jamie Sorensen of DMC Chicago came up with the idea of Undercover Gift Giving as a way to keep in touch with our coworkers while away from the office.

Undercover Gifts

The rules were simple. First fill out the questionnaire about some of your gift preferences. This survey included questions like "What do you do for fun in non-pandemic times?" "What have you done for fun during the social distancing era?" and "Indicate 3-5 gift ideas you'd like to receive from your giver (a bedazzled hat, handwritten family recipes, a single blade of grass in a glass jar, etc.)"

Next, the organizers assigned everyone a coworker to purchase Undercover Gifts for. Then the fun began. Within a predetermined budget, the gift givers received the survey results for their gift receiver and then let their imaginations to run!

Food for Thought

The amount of variety and creativity in the gifts was heartwarming. Some people received family recipes loved by many. Others were given the ingredients to create their own delicious treats.

family biscotti
Jessica of DMC Chicago showing off Elizabeth of DMC Seattle's gift of a family recipe and homemade biscotti.

Phil of DMC Seattle is pumped to break out his smoker to use his grilling gifts!

I'm interested to know what "Heroic Recipes to Restore your hearts" Alec of DMC Seattle will be cooking up.

State of the Art

What better way to connect with others than to share passions? These gifts are ones that I would classify as ones of a more art-inspired variety.

remote tour of seattle
Carolyn of DMC Chicago received some at-home entertainment of the game Spot It Bruins themed and a "Remote Tour of Seattle" photographed by Alec of DMC Seattle.

Emily of DMC Chicago shared a new record for Nick of DMC Chicago to enjoy on his recent purchase of a new record player.

I'm imagining Anne of DMC Chicago perched at her writing desk, gazing out the window while composing beautiful poetry. *cannot confirm that these were used for poetry*

Put a Sock In It

These DMCers were gifted a new flare to their work from home (WFH) wardrobe.

Here is Rachel of DMC Chicago showing off her Star Wars socks with perfect ballet first position footwork. Very "on brand" for her.

Elizabeth of DMC Seattle plans to wear the bread socks while perfecting her sourdough recipe and the donut socks every other day.

Puppy Love

Even our pets were able to receive some of the friendship of the Undercover Gift Giving.

Fetch is a serious business and definitely not a laughing matter for Kobi (belonging to Jamie S. of DMC Chicago). Thank you to Dan of DMC Seattle for your contribution to this endeavor.

Scout (belonging to Dan of DMC Seattle) is very much in favor of this Undercover Gift Giving. Thanks, Jamie H. of DMC Chicago!

Must Be a Mind Reader

Lastly, there were gifts that were exactly what the receiver could have asked for (whether actually asking for it or telepathically).

Paul of DMC New York had his mind read by Joe of DMC Seattle.

Frank of DMC Boston gave his wish list to Jessica of DMC Chicago and she delivered.

With participation from seven of our offices, Undercover Gift Giving became a true OneDMC celebration! 

Learn more about DMC’s Company Culture.


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