DMChef: Our Favorite Quarantine Cooking Projects

DMChef: Our Favorite Quarantine Cooking Projects

Let's face it, food is one of America's favorite pastimes. When there's no baseball, there's still apple pie. Here at DMC, food is part of the personality of each of our offices.

Food Traditions by Office

In Chicago, we have an almost monthly event of sushi boats and sake. Most recently, we branched out and tried Korean BBQ. I think it's safe to say that this will be a new regular stop on our restaurant adventures.

korean bbq

It might sound cliché, but at DMC New York, bagels are a monthly necessity at our Monthly Company Meetings. Even when the breakfast meeting became a lunch meeting, DMC NY decided to maintain tradition and ordered bagel sandwiches instead of just bagels and smear.

In 2018, DMC Houston spent an entire day traveling around their great city eating tacos and drinking margaritas. DMC St. Louis considered naming their conference rooms after iconic sandwiches in their city but went with landmarks instead. DMC Denver named their conference rooms after the office’s favorite cuisine: beer. With so many great breweries in Colorado, it’s no wonder that they wanted to celebrate the talents of their favorite brewers by naming conference rooms Incredible Pedal, Great Divide, and Bootstrap.

If you ever visit the Boston office on a Thursday, make sure they know to save you a bowl of their weekly batch of chili (or stew). Each week, a chili champion is crowned. The champion gathers the ingredients for a Crockpot stew recipe and preps it Thursday mornings. By lunchtime, the whole office sits down to share the meal.

Portugese stew
In-progress shots of the Central American-style, Indian-style, Portuguese stew by Adam of DMC Boston.

Quarantine Cooking Projects

Currently, DMC is in our second month of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although group lunches and dinners can't happen while social distancing, this does not stop our teams from sharing in the joys of food.

New slack channels have sprung up. #Cabin-fever is a slack channel full of online group games to play, crafting projects to look into, but most importantly, it has become a place to show off everyone's cooking endeavors. Check out our favorite cooking projects below and click to see the recipes!

Like most of the world, DMC has gotten into cooking breads. Some attempts have been more successful than others.

NYC bread
A very successful sourdough by Liz and Simon of DMC NYC proudly displayed on the beautiful cutting board created by fellow New Yorker Paul Mangels 

banana bread
A not-so-successful loaf of banana bread by Zuffi of DMC Chicago

Recently, I was invited to the #recipeshare Slack channel. I've never been more excited to look at amateur food photography in my life.

tumeric veggies
Roasted Aloo Gobi Potatoes and Cauliflower by Lillian of DMC Boston: "I can't decide if this photo is deliciously tumeric-y or grossly close up." Me: "I think this is beautiful."

chocolate scones
Wait… are those brownies or chocolate scones? They're scones, people! Triple Chocolate Scones Supreme by Michael of DMC Chicago.

yummy oatmeal
Probably the most gorgeous oatmeal I've ever seen by Jimmy of DMC Chicago.

Shakshuka? More like I'm shook-a, amirite? Thanks for sharing, Jamie H of DMC Chicago.

From red beet pickled eggs to sweet potato black bean tacos to buttermilk roasted chicken, this channel is teaching me so many things about my colleagues' culinary talents.

Beet and eggs
Red beet pickled eggs from Phil of DMC Seattle.

Sweet potato & black bean tacos by Adam of DMC Boston.

buttermilk chicken

Buttermilk roasted chicken by Jessica of DMC Chicago.

While we can't physically be together, food stories are a small comfort to keep us all connected. Want to see our other skills? Check out our quarantine craft projects!

Learn more about DMC's Company Culture.


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