DMC Engineers Recognized as NI Certified TestStand Developers

DMC Engineers Recognized as NI Certified TestStand Developers

DMC is proud to announce that two of our engineers are recognized as Certified TestStand Developers by NI. Congratulations to Cecilia Brookshier and Steven Dusing for displaying a complete understanding of NI TestStand core features and functionality.

NI TestStand

TestStand is a ready-to-run test management software designed to help you quickly develop, debug, and deploy your test systems. This flexible platform allows users to develop test sequences in TestStand integrating code modules written in other programming languages.

To become a Certified TestStand Developer, candidates must demonstrate a broad and complete understanding of TestStand features and functionality. They have an average of 12 to 18 months of experience developing, debugging, and deploying applications in TestStand. During a four-hour exam, candidates use provided specifications to create a test stand sequence that implements functionality in the spec while following best practices.

"Being certified in TestStand means we can develop, debug, and execute sequences in a way that follows NI's best practices," said DMC Project Engineer Cecilia Brookshier. "It proves that we can develop in a modular, maintainable, and easy to configure way. We can make recommendations for our clients on their test sequences that demonstrate NI's best practices."

DMC and NI

DMC has worked with National Instruments since 1997, earning recognition as an NI Alliance Member, NI Center of Excellence, NI Vision Specialty Partner, Migrations & Upgrades Partner, and a SystemLink Specialty Alliance Partner. Our experienced team of certified architects, developers, and trainers includes the most LabVIEW Certified Architects in the Midwest. Our LabVIEW solutions include test and measurement, product development, research and development, and high-tech manufacturing.

Learn more about DMC's partnership with National Instruments.


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