Keyence Debuts XR Laser Series

Keyence Debuts XR Laser Series

Keyence has debuted their newest 3D vision system, the XR series. While this product is not yet available in America, DMC had the opportunity to preview the system in November. The most impressive features of the device were its depth resolution, the image repeatability, and the controller environment.

The device has dual LED projectors, as well as a grayscale camera that scans the part simultaneously using structured light approach. The result is an image with extremely accurate depth resolution (similar to the LJ laser series). The Z-Axis accuracy and repeatability 1µm and 3µm, respectively. This system is designed to be near the part (a few inches away) with a tight field of view (around 1.5 inches). Keyence is considering a version with a larger field of view and working distance.

Utilizing two LED projectors allows the XR to capture 3D elements traditionally harder to capture when scanning a laser in a 2D plane. For example, facing planes will cause a false peak point on the receiver due to multiple specular reflection readings. The two head layout also makes the system less prone to blind spots. This new series uses the XG series controller, offering a new programming environment to perform common image analyses such as area calculations, reference plane definitions, and edge detections. Keyence has a GigE version of the XR that works without the XG controller.

The XR takes an area profile, as opposed to linear profiling read by lasers such as the LJ. Capturing the image takes about 0.5 seconds, during which the part must be static.

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