DMC Joins the Siemens MOM Expertise Alliance Center

DMC Joins the Siemens MOM Expertise Alliance Center

Sam Weber and I recently participated in two meetings for the Siemens MOM Expertise Alliance Center (MEAC). Sam and I spent two days discussing the future of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Manufacturing Operations Management (MES and MOM) with top experts from Siemens and other members of the SIMATIC IT ecosystem. DMC is excited to extend its partnership with Siemens SIMATIC IT by joining the Siemens MEAC. 

By joining the CoE, DMC gains access to an outstanding partner network of experts, allowing our engineers to extend their expertise in providing high performing and quality systems to DMC customers. In addition to offering solutions in our core competencies of Manufacturing Automation & Intelligence and laboratory automation, DMC can leverage experts in scheduling, planning, quality management, and other important components of MOM. 

In addition, DMC's participation in the MEAC gives us access to the latest tools for analyzing, planning, implementing, and executing MOM solutions and proving the value these systems can provide to manufacturing organizations. DMC can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Identify how MOM solutions fit into an organization
  • Determine the cost, benefits, and calculate the ROI of proposed MOM implementation options
  • Develop System Requirements 
  • Project Management
  • Project Execution
  • Training
  • Support Services
  • Future Expansion and Scalability

DMC looks forward to extending the value our customers are able to receive from MOM and MES solutions through our involvement with the Siemens MEAC.

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