LabVIEW VAS Camera Timeout Fix

LabVIEW VAS Camera Timeout Fix

Every so often, a software package update/patch's readme notes become really important for a project. To save you from diving into the readme notes for the LabVIEW VAS package, I wanted to highlight a bug I fell prone to.

Integrating vision into your application can include difficulties. NI MAX does a good job of addressing one of the challenges with vision systems by smoothly bringing in camera data to the LabVIEW environment. The bug I experienced was a timeout of a USB3 camera after stopping and restarting the data acquisition (specifically the error was: -1074360261: Unknown USB3 Vision Error). The solution was not found in my code, but was instead to update to the latest software version (February 2015 VAS). NI had known of this short-coming for the newer USB3 standard and had applied a patch.

This patch is the first line-item fix in the February 2015 VAS readme notes. Hopefully this was the problem you are dealing with. If not, try checking out the rest of the patches and keeping your eye on new readme releases.

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