Beckhoff Visits DMC Chicago to Talk TwinCAT 3 and EtherCAT

Beckhoff Visits DMC Chicago to Talk TwinCAT 3 and EtherCAT

DMC recently hosted Daymon Thompson and Mike Rauch of Beckhoff Automation who shared with DMC the latest updates on the TwinCAT (The Windows Control and Automation Technology) platform.

TwinCAT is a software system from Beckhoff that can turn almost any PC into one or multiple controllers for real-time systems.

As the TwinCAT product manager for North America, Daymon was able to give us some insider information on exciting new features coming soon to TwinCAT, as well as a lot of insight into the history, theory, and application of the platform.

We were especially excited to hear about some new I/O options for TwinCAT, including Vision and Speech, which Daymon helpfully mapped onto human anatomy!

Photo of Beckhoff presentation slide -- The results of Evolutionary Genetic Engineering: A centralized CPU with modular function blocks.

Daymon was also kind enough to help introduce some TwinCAT fundamentals to our colleagues who are newer to the system. Lastly, he gave us a deep dive into some technical details of TwinCAT architecture and communication, including the clever design and advantages of EtherCAT communication.

It was great as always to see our friends from Beckhoff, and we appreciate the updates and discussion.

Photo of Beckhoff presentation slide -- TwinCAT 3 | eXtended Automation Architecture

DMC is a proud member of the Beckhoff Integrator Network (rebranded the Beckhoff Integrator Group in 2020), which recognizes our experience and proficiency in implementing Beckhoff and TwinCAT 3 programming solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Learn more about DMC's Beckhoff expertise.


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