Mobile Volume Measurement Device on Fork Truck a Success

Mobile Volume Measurement Device on Fork Truck a Success

Recently one of DMC's customers, LTS Scale, issued a press release describing the first fork-truck-mounted dimensional weighing system. DMC worked closely with this customer from the first stages of research through the development of the system and into product production, successfully delivering a flexible and robust system that met numerous design challenges along the way. The system uses a laser and camera to reconstruct a 3D environment, identifies the object being measured and returns the volume of that object, which is used to calculate the object's dimensional weight. All of this is done on a mobile fork truck like the one shown in the attached picture. This enables shipping companies to "bill [their] customer[s] based on the weight of the pallet or the volume that the product occupies in [their] trailer, capturing the lost revenue created by misclassification, wasted space and low-density product."

DMC's unique expertise in motion control, vision systems and product development provided us with the knowledge and know-how to make this project a success. We leveraged our great deal of experience with embedded systems and our experience in LabVIEW to create visualization and debugging tools to validate that the machine was operating properly.

Combined with our focus on customer service, DMC's engineering expertise enabled us to help LTS Scale produce a product customized to their needs and their customers' needs. Congratulations to LTS Scale on the creation of the new product! For additional information, check to follow the updates about the new LTS Dimension XYZ product.

LTS XYZ Dimensional Weighing System


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