Getting Started with WinCC OA: Part 1 - Creating & Opening a Project

Getting Started with WinCC OA: Part 1 - Creating & Opening a Project

“OA is a beast of a program.” One of my fellow DMC engineers made this remark when I began learning how to program using SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture (OA for short). Indeed, for someone just getting started with OA, the SCADA software can seem quite daunting. If you’re in this situation as I once was, fear not. I’m here to walk you through the basics of OA and get you programming in no time!

In part 1 of the “Getting Started with WinCC OA” series, we’ll start with creating a project in OA, adding subprojects, and opening the project.

NOTE: This tutorial assumes that you’ve installed and properly licensed WinCC OA. Please ensure this is complete before proceeding.

  1. Using the Project Administrator, create a project in OA:
    1. Click “New project”
      creating a project in OA
    2. Select “Standard Project” (for version 3.16) or "Legacy Standard Project" (for version 3.17)
      Creating standard project in OA
      Version 3.16

      Version 3.17
    3. Name your project
      • Use camelCase, PascalCase, and underscores_as_needed.
    4. If you’d like to set a password for your project development, you may do so during this phase
  2. Integrating a subproject (optional)
    OA works in layers (like ogres or onions) in that development that occurs in the primary project can reference entities in subprojects. This process will be elaborated on in future “Getting Started with WinCC OA” editions.
    If you’d like to add an existing project (like the DMC OA Open Library) as a subproject, follow the steps below:
    1. In the Project Administrator panel, select “Register new project.”
      registering a new project in OA
    2. Select the folder of your existing project and select “Ok.” This will register your project with OA and will allow it to be used as a subproject.
      registering subproject in OA
    3. In the Project Administrator panel, select “Change Project Properties.”
      changing project properties
    4. Select “Integrate Subproject”
      integrate subproject
    5. Move your desired project from the “Registered projects” list to the “Subprojects” list and select “Ok”
      subprojects and projects
  3. Open your project
    1. Navigate to the WinCC OA Console
    2. Select your project in the project drop-down
    3. Click the green stoplight “start project”, and wait for the graphics editor (Gedi) to open (Depending on project settings, you may need to start the Gedi/user interface manager individually).
      starting project in OA
    4. This is where you’ll enter your “root” password. If you did not create a password, simply select “OK”
      entering password

The WinCC OA Gedi

Now that Gedi is open, we’re ready to begin investigating all the tools, project layers, and development environments we have at our disposal. First, however, we must understand OA’s folder and program structure. I will cover these items in the next part of “Getting Started with WinCC OA.” 

Topics to look forward to in this series: 

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