2019 Siemens Automation Summit Highlights

2019 Siemens Automation Summit Highlights

The 2019 Siemens Automation Summit took place at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, just outside Denver, Colorado.  DMC engineers from across the country connected at the Summit and hosted several sessions on Siemens PLC Programming and Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence.

DMC's Denver office in the LoDo district of downtown Denver was a home away from home for our visiting team members. We enjoyed informative sessions, product roadmaps, and hands-on training sessions during the day, and food, live music, and fun activities each evening!

Check out our highlights from the Summit:

Rockies Game

Before the Siemens Summit began, DMCers got together to enjoy a Denver Rockies baseball game!

Our hosts at DMC Denver entertained the group with pizza and beverages at their office. We then traveled to Coors Field to see the Colorado Rockies play the San Diego Padres.

Welcome Reception

After DMC wrapped up our welcome events, The Siemens Summit Kicked off on Monday night. The welcome event, sponsored by the Siemens Solutions Partners,  featured live music, great food, and fun activities such as archery, a fly fishing demo, and simulated calf roping.

There was also a geocaching scavenger hunt, which Leon Grossman and I won! 

Best Brews of Denver

On Tuesday, the DMC team, some of the Siemens Solution Partners, and DMC clients met for a beer tasting tour of Denver. The group traveled together on two trolleys from the event center to DMC's Denver office's rooftop to enjoy barbeque and beers before heading out for the evening. The trolleys stopped at two breweries, Odell Brewing and Black Shirt Brewing, before heading back to the hotel to rest before another full day at the convention center.

Summit Demos

DMC Demos with Ice Cream


DMC made ice cream at the Siemens Solution Partners Display for visitors during the day. Attendees stopped at our booth to have a quick ice cream snack on the way to see presentations. Built by Prism last year, improved by DMC this year, and paid for by the Sponsoring Siemens Solutions Partners,  the ice cream machine offered all of our guests a reminder of how the integration of programs like these can create imaginative (and delicious) results!

The DrinkBot

DMC's DrinkBot utilizes a Siemens S7-1200 PLC, 7" Comfort Panel, Siemens G120, and Siemens 1FK7 Servo Motor with DRIVE-CLiQ encoder to control the operation. The DrinkBot provides eight different alcohols or syrups and six different mixers for a large variety of drink options. 

DMC's Presentations

Five DMC Representatives were invited to present at the Automation Summit this year, check out their presentations below.

Dynamic and Scalable Systems Using WinCC OA
Leon Grossman

Project Manager Leon Grossman led a presentation on Siemens WinCC OA applied to a client’s application. He demonstrated using this flexible, scalable platform in conjunction with Siemens and third-party components for a complex application. The presentation highlighted some of the critical features of WinCC OA, how it could solve the most challenging applications, and as a bonus, announced the release of the WinCC OA Open Library v1.0!

Auto Code Generation and Rapid Brewery/Distillery Automation
Ryan Landwehr

Project Director Ryan Landwehr showed attendees how the Siemens Brewing template, a TIA Portal based auto code generation tool created developed in partnership by DMC and Siemens, can be used to rapidly create complete automation in rapid breweries and distilleries of all sizes. From craft distilleries to regional breweries, see how the Siemens Brewing Template can help make automation easy!

To learn more about how DMC can facilitate your food and beverage manufacturing automation, contact DMC today.

Multi-site WinCC 7 Development with Centralized Process Historian & Information Server from
John Michael Frullo

John Michael Frullo, Project Engineer, illustrated ways in which WinCC 7 tools and standards can be used to facilitate rapid project development across multiple locations. Frullo also demonstrated how multiple plant locations can be easily connected to a centralized data storage and automated reporting system.

Flexibility and standardization using dynamic IO addressing and option handling from
David Berno

I presented solutions developed by DMC that fully leverage S7’s hardware and development flexibility to create efficient and agile manufacturing deployments.

Taking your Siemens PLC s7-1200 to industry 4.0
James Condon

James Condon, Project Engineer, led a presentation on Siemens PLC Industry 4.0. The presentation covered how Industry 4.0 can offer better efficiency for existing industrial equipment.

Thank you, everyone, who attended the 2019 Siemens Automation Summit. We can't wait to see what’s new in 2020!

As a proud Siemens Solution Partner, DMC is ready to step in with our extensive knowledge and expert solutions. Learn more about DMC's partnership with Siemens. 


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