Our Favorite Quarantine Crafting Projects

Our Favorite Quarantine Crafting Projects

DMC is full of talent when it comes to engineering. Just last month, we were recognized as an NI Center of Excellence! Since we've been working from home, we've had a chance to see what other skills our colleagues have.

After sharing our favorite home cooking projects, the talented folks of DMC are sharing our crafting skills. 

Woodworking at Home

When presented with needing workstations at home, some team members didn't think buying a premade desk would be suitable. These talented DMC woodworkers have been thrilling us with updates on their various sawdusty projects over the last few months. From engineer-approved desks to artisanal skateboards, the extra time at home has given people the time to craft amazing and functional works of art.

Homemade desk during quarantine 2020
Instead of trying to find an expandable miter saw bench, Ross of DMC Denver made his own.

Cord organization for homemade desk during quarantineImmaculate cord organization on a handmade and hand-painted desk belonging to Ross Bunker of DMC Denver.

Paul of DMC NYC made a desk during quaranine

Skaeboards by Paul of DMC NYCThis rustic desk and stunning skateboards crafted by Paul Mangels of DMC New York begs the question "Where in New York City do you live with space for a workshop?!"

Finding Green Thumbs

Spring (and summer) has sprung! More time at home means that gardening can reach new levels this year. Gardens big and small are taking root providing some tasty treats for their owners.

Natalie built a raised flower bed
Natalie of DMC Chicago built her own vegetable garden boxes with a permanent rainbow included.

Nikhil made some plant friendsLittle plant friends keep Nikhil of DMC Chicago company while he works.

A Stitch in Time

For those of us who don't have the tools or space for woodworking or gardening, textiles have filled the free time.

Justine captured quarantine in cross-stitch
This beautiful cross-stitch and upholstered masterpiece by Justine of DMC Chicago really speaks to me right now.

Adam made masks during quarantineAdam of DMC Boston crafted the latest fashion trend adding his own flare.

Maddie knitted a blanket during quarantineStunning beginnings of a blanket by Maddie of DMC Denver.

Katherine from the Chicago office knitted this sweater
I know I'm green with envy for this sweater made by Katherine of DMC Chicago.

Anne of DMC Chicago knitted this shawl
Anne of DMC Chicago is staying warm and gorgeous with her handmade shawl and hat.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Still others at DMC are devoting their free time to creating entertainment for others to enjoy.

Tom of DMC Chicago has a new alter-ego. "Tom Dynamite" has made multiple appearances during our monthly company meetings. We'll just have to wait for the next installment.


Kevin of DMC Chicago created an action-packed Lego Spiderman movie. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

If you want to learn some new skills, check out these videos by Nick Leisle of DMC Chicago. The step-by-step cooking videos make me believe I CAN make fancy dishes!

While we're keeping a safe distance apart, we are still enjoying the talents and personalities of our coworkers across the country.

DMC logo in sawdust

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