It's Easy Being Green

It's Easy Being Green

Kermit the Frog once sang, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Sorry Kermit, we at DMC disagree - it's actually pretty easy. We know “going green” is trendy right now, but it’s something DMC has focused on for awhile. It does take a concerted effort, but whether it’s in our office or in our industry we're contributing to a greener planet on Earth Day and every day.

At DMC we strive to be eco-conscious as we deliver world-class solutions for our clients. In addition to opting for public transportation, we are an office of avid bikers and walkers. We are also a nearly paperless business. Taking advantage of online billing, expense payment, and pay statements as well as mandatory direct deposit of pay checks and an e-fax system has eliminated the need for a lot of paper. SharePoint collaboration has reduced the need for printing countless document versions and company policies since we store them electronically in a convenient and centralized manner. Switching from a bottled water cooler to filtered water has eliminated the fuel needed for delivery, and drinking from reusable glasses avoids unnecessary waste creation. Of course, the everyday and hazardous waste we do generate is recycled.

A great deal of the projects we work on for customers everyday support eco-friendly methods. Automating production and inspection processes reduce scrap and waste. Properly tuning a servo motor reduces energy usage. Improving efficiency on a production line can reduce overall production costs, including energy and materials. Automating our clients’ KPI reporting and dashboards cuts down on paper distribution. From implementing SharePoint to engineering machines which build solar panels, the scope of DMC’s eco-contribution is as broad as our excellent client base. With eco-conscious co-workers and customers who are devoted to continued efficiency and innovation, it’s no wonder the grass is greener for DMC.

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