B&R Automation Studio: Create Popup Windows on HMI Pages

B&R Automation Studio: Create Popup Windows on HMI Pages

Creating popup windows on HMI pages enhances the interaction between the operator and the machine. The creation of popup windows in Automation Studio involves many other important aspects of making an HMI more dynamic such as formatting layers on pages, controlling and using the HMI display in program code, and manipulating the statuses of HMI elements. If you are new to creating HMI pages with Automation Studio, then you can learn a lot from this video.

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Matt Adams
An important addition to all pop ups you create in Automation Studio is creating a method to block the user from pressing items in the layer behind the top one.

The strategy I use is creating a transparent hotspot which has no associated action. This prevents the user from doing anything besides acknowledging the popup.

Great Video!

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