Using an S7-1200 PLC as a Modbus TCP Slave

Using an S7-1200 PLC as a Modbus TCP Slave

Have a need to make data available from your S7-1200 PLC to a Modbus TCP Master (or SCADA)? Luckily, this is easy to setup. This will be short and sweet.

Siemens provides two Instruction blocks for setting up Client/Server Modbus TCP connections – you can find them under Communication on the Instructions Window – MB_SERVER and MB_CLIENT.

AB Source Code Protection Instructions

As an example, let’s set up a Modbus TCP server on our PLC. I’m starting a project from scratch, so I’m going to add an instance of MB_SERVER to my OB1. When you add the instruction, you’ll notice it will need its own instance DB, so go ahead and create one.

You’ll see there are only a few inputs to this block:

  • DISCONNECT: the default for this input is 'FALSE.' Setting the input to 'TRUE' will cause the server to sever any active connection and refuse any connection attempts.
  • CONNECT_ID: this defines a connection number on the PLC. This must be unique for each instance of MB_SERVER or MB_CLIENT.
  • IP_PORT: by default, the IP_PORT will be set to 502, which is the standard port used for Modbus TCP communications. If you would like to use an alternative port, this is where you set it. Just be careful not to use any ports already used by the PLC: 20, 21, 25, 80, 102, 123, 5001, 34962, 34963, and 34964.
  • MB_HOLD_REGISTER: This defined the location (start and size) for the available Holding Registers (40001 to max defined register). This pointer can be any global data block or a memory area (M). These holding registers are used for Modbus functions 3 (read Word), 6 (write Word), and 16 (write multiple Words). You can set this pointer using the ANY format (“P#bit address” “data type” “length”):

That’s really all you need. There are some status bits you can use to debug connection issues and a few static tags that can be accessed, but in most case you shouldn’t need them.

Now, ignoring the hold registers for a moment, let’s look at what this MB_SERVER instruction gives us out of the box. There’s a handy table in the help file explaining the codes and data sources automatically made available. To sum it up, function codes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 15 will immediately support direct read and write access to the process image of the CPU.

For example, function code 01 (Read Bits) allows read access to the output process image, with registers 1-8192 corresponding to Q0.0-Q1023.7. Likewise, function code 5 (Write Bits) allows write access to the same registers/bits. Function code 02 will allow read access to the input process image, mapping registers 10001-18192 to I0.0 to I1023.7. Check the help file for the other options.

Getting back to the hold registers, these are accessed with function codes 3, 6, and 16. Unless you’ve modified the start position, the hold registers will begin at 40001 and continue for the length defined in  MB_HOLD_REG. To wrap things up, I’m going to create a global DB for my hold registers and include the following:

AB Source Code Protection Hold Registers

Looking at the DB above, you can see I’ve created an array of Bools that make up the first Word (this will be Register 40001). The next Word will be the data for Register 40002, in this case, an Int. Finally, I’ve added a Real, which is a DW and will use Registers 40003 and 40004.

We should now have a single rung of logic to control our Modbus TCP server.

Single Rung of Logic on Modbus TCP Server

Now, I can update information in my global DB from my code and read it from a Modbus TCP master, or the master can write data to my PLC.

That’s it. All you need to run a Modbus TCP server on your S7-1200. Have fun.

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I am encountering Error 809B
# Senthilkumar
I'm in a plc project where we have to communicate between galil dmc (master) and siemens s7 1200 (slave) through modbus tcp/ip. I used FB 104 MB_CLIENT in step 7 in the plc. I also sent a value from the galil dmc. now how to check whether it received that value? I'm new to plc. please help
# Samson
Hello Sir,
I need help connecting a programmed siemens S7 1200 to a building management system. the plc is programmed to control a water treatment pumps. Please i need to know the hardware and software required and how to connect them
# Rommel
Hello i will created this example, using a pointer adress (P#MW100.0 Word 10) in the block option, i can read registers, but write is not possible.
# Bosse
# Daniel
You need to uncheck "Optimizede block access" on your DB-Properties.
# Sergey
Good day! It's not difficult to show you an example of Modbus RTU on S7-1200 v13 sp1
# Daniel
Dear Sir
I have a problem with doing what you said above.
In Network 1: Modbus TCP Server I can't select dbHoldingRegister with the whole 3 Registers in MB_HOLD_REG and when I select just one register an error will be shown.
please give me a tip
thanks a bunch

Syed Assad Ashraf
# Syed Assad Ashraf
Dear Sir,

We are getting fixed values from the Siemens S7-1200 that is used as the gateway between DCS (ABB) and Siemens Boiler PLC S7-300. why are we getting these junk data the Data is continuously updating the Boiler HMI but not in the Modbus gateway what could be the issue.
Modbus TCP Master
# Modbus TCP Master
Hello Jason,
in one of our control system applications (nonSiemens PLC) we are reading data from another control system - Siemens Simatic S7-1200 CPU, which acts like Modbus TCP Server (Slave).
It works OK, reliable, but there is one problem: After restarting our PLC (acting as Modbus TCP Master), Simatic stops responding to our "requests for data".

Only after restarting also Simatic PLC (Modbus TCP Slave) - the Modbus TCP Slave starts responding.

What could be the problem? Is there some Simatic Modbus TCP Slave configuration setting that stops the Modbus TCP Slave after some time without data requests or...?

Thank you.
dear sir,

i am using tia v11 sp2 update 5 software, i have transfered siemens license key from windows xp to windows 7. so the hmi programme that i have build in xp with out error. now i am getting time stamp error in win 7 i.e time stamp:the 526744 bytes used(with 101038 font bytes) exceeds the maximum length of 524160 bytes.
but the same programme in win xp is compiling with out error, so what is the issue i could not able to found, so please help me to found i am using ktp400 basic color pn model.

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