Hitting the Ground Running…to China

Hitting the Ground Running…to China

As we enter the Christmas season, I can’t help but think back to this time last year. I was less than three months away from graduating college and faced with a big decision. It was only a few days before Christmas Eve, that I decided to start the next chapter of my life at DMC Boston. Before I knew it, June rolled around and I found myself on a city bus in Chicago heading into my first day of training at the Chicago office. I’d had summer internships in the past and felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what my first week of work at a new company would be like. Boy, was I wrong. 

On my second day of work I was sitting in a meeting to kick off a new project that I would share responsibility in completing. Since that day, it’s been nothing but excitement. I’ve worked on a variety of different projects, numerous of which have been on various platforms (Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLCs, microcontrollers, and PICs). 

It’s been a unique and exciting experience so far, especially when I was given the opportunity to work on a commissioning project in China. I have always been a fan of travelling to new places; so, naturally, I jumped at the request. A few weeks and a twelve hour plane ride later, I was walking into a factory in Guangzhou, China. 

Arieal view of Guangzhou China.It was a great three weeks filled with eating unusual food, attempting to speak Mandarin, and (most importantly) completing a large portion of a multi-phase project.

DMC engineers share in Chinese culture with clients over dinner.

Working at DMC has been a challenging, but fulfilling experience. Since Day One I’ve been surrounded by some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and they’re always willing to share their knowledge with a young DMCer like me.

DMC engineers head to the Canton Tower in China.

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