DMC Is Ignition 7.9 CORE Certified

DMC Is Ignition 7.9 CORE Certified

DMC is excited to announce that we are now Ignition 7.9 CORE certified. Project Engineer Elizabeth Hill passed the Ignition Core Certification exam designed to test understanding and knowledge of Ignition. The test covers Ignition architecture, real-time status and control, historical data logging, UDTs and templates, and alarming.

Testing & Certification

The test itself consists of two parts and takes an average of eight hours to complete.

Part one, Troubleshooting Prompts, requires the test takers to correct issues with an existing project by loading an Ignition Gateway backup into any Ignition 7.9 version. They must then identify and fix the problems, providing documentation with a description of each issue and its solution.

Part two, Development & Implementation, requires that testers implement a project according to a customer’s specification and submit a single Ignition Gateway backup (.gwbk). 

About Ignition 

DMC's expert engineers are committed to implementing advanced HMI and SCADA solutions that make use of Ignition's robust integrated development environment. From flexible licensing to adaptable, server-based solutions that allow it to run on many platforms, Ignition is a powerful but cost-effective option. 

DMC's Ignition Offerings & Experience

DMC has worked on large and small Ignition systems in a variety of industries including automotive, data centers, and energy. We have experience managing Gateway performance on Ignition systems with dozens of PLCs and thousands of IO points with historical data. We have also leveraged distributed gateway architectures to optimize performance.

Additional features we’ve worked with:

  • High volume data logging
  • Gateway configuration
  • Projects on multiple servers that use retargeting to have seamless navigation between the servers
  • Different PLC connections
  • Modbus communication with Ignition
  • JSON tag parsing
  • SQL database architecture to store device metadata to integrate with Ignition

Learn more about DMC's Ignition Designer programming or contact us today and let us know about your next project.


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