5 Reasons Why DMC is One of the Best Places for an Engineer to Work

5 Reasons Why DMC is One of the Best Places for an Engineer to Work

You’re looking for a job. Perhaps you’re in college and preparing to graduate, maybe you’re just out of college, or perhaps you’ve been working for a few years and you’re looking for a change of pace. Whatever your situation, it’s time for something new.

Searching for a job is difficult: sifting through online job boards, sending out resumes, interviewing, and testing out company cultures takes a heap of mental fortitude and patience. If you don’t believe Crain’s assessment that we are the #2 best place to work in Chicago, I’ll share with you why I chose DMC for my career and why you should too.

Technically Fulfilling Work

As a DMC engineer, you’ll get to work in dozens of industries. The nature of consulting is to get up to speed on a subject matter quickly, tackle the problem, and share information to prevent the issue from recurring. 

In my first six months of working with DMC, I helped to architect the hardware and software for an electromechanical test station used for battery testing. The code developed was used in three subsequent projects across different industries. DMC supports engineers hitting the ground running on projects, encouraging them to help on areas of competence and providing training in identified areas of improvement.

Smart and Excited Peers

DMC's Core Value #1 is Hire Smart People

Perhaps they’re troubleshooting a PLC, maybe they’re writing real-time code for a cRIO’s FPGA, or maybe they’re writing a web application to manage a four-story tall piece of agriculture equipment. DMC engineers work on exciting projects and we relish the opportunity to dig into a technical challenge.

Work Flexibility

DMC has offices in cities across the US. As of February 2019, we have offices in:

And that list is ever-growing! Engineers are free to work from any office, making it easier to spend more time with family around the holidays. For example, I travel from ‘home’ in Chicago to ‘family home’ in St. Louis for Thanksgiving on Monday and work the week at our St. Louis office.

DMC has five main service areas: 

While engineers usually operate in one or two service areas, DMC fully supports cross-training and learning new technologies when it makes sense. Engineers can move between service areas to fill business needs and promote personal growth in areas of interest.


Don’t roll your eyes so quickly. Sure, every company says it has an outstanding culture but do those companies list their employees alphabetically? Frank Riordan, our Founder and CEO, is most of the way down the page because his last name starts with ‘R’!  Even better is our “What’s New?” section of the Monthly Company Meeting, where every employee gets a chance to say what is new and exciting in their life. 

You can find technically challenging engineering work nearly anywhere you look. The delimiters of opportunities which will make your working years not only bearable but enjoyable is the environment you work in and the people you work with.

You can also check out the blogs of my colleagues who have written about some of our Monthly Office Update videos, Activity Fund events and Welcome parties (like seeing Hamilton, The Last Speakeasy, football tailgates, cocktail making classes and DMSki). Every office also just had their very own, awesome, holiday party.

Career Growth Opportunities

DMC’s structure is flat. Frank, the founder and CEO, walks around and chats with new and experienced employees alike. Frank and managers have a flexible open-door policy and DMC employees benefit from the ‘small company’ perks while working in a multi-city company.

DMC doesn’t have dedicated sales staff, instead, the engineers are responsible for sales. Engineers managing sales keeps the communication chain with customers as short as possible and allows engineers with a business interest to flourish.

Since DMC’s work is project-based, engineers can become as broad or as focused as they desire. Some engineers can focus and specialize in machine vision while others can gain a domain knowledge of battery test systems, dedicated career paths are not scripted.  

As engineers gain a subject matter expertise then they begin to lead projects in that area and may eventually come to manage a team of engineers focused in their area of interest. DMC’s growth process is organic and provides healthy avenues for engineers to seek out new opportunities and grow into their potential.

DMC wants engineers to reach their potential. In my first year with DMC, I’ve continually been surprised by how much I enjoy coming to work and how I hunger for the diversity of work DMC offers. If you feel like you would be a good fit, check out our Careers page and send us your resume.

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