Quick Solution For Rockwell BootP Communication Error

Quick Solution For Rockwell BootP Communication Error

Have you ever been commissioning a new PLC late in the afternoon when something goes wrong? Yeah, us too. The other night, we faced the problem below and the solution blew our minds, so I had to share it.

We were setting the IP Address on a new Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC using Rockwell's BootP utility. When we tried to submit our changes, we go the following error:

Rockwell BootP Communication Error
Credit: Rockwell Automation

Error message text: "Communication Error. Failed to complete the requested operation. See status bar for further information then press OK when ready to continue."

What's The Quick Solution?

Like us, your first instinct might be to close the error message, but what you need to do is leave the popup open for about a minute. Then click OK and try again. And miracle of miracles, the second time it worked!

So the next time you're setting the IP Address for a PLC and get this error message, just slow down and take a minute before closing that pop-up!

Learn more about DMC's Allen Bradley PLC Programming and Rockwell FactoryTalk expertise. 


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